Friday, June 26, 2009

The Colorful Cast of KOTH


My first post was about my honest and heartfelt emotions for King of the Hill. Today I was looking for a quote by Lucky when he says "The last song better be Chicago's great 25 or 6 to 4 b." Just amazing.
Mike Judge
Kathy Najimy
Pamela S. Adlon

Brittany Murphy

Tom Petty

To find this, I stumbled across the voices behind the characters of KOTH and was surprised by one voice in particular (I won't say so you play the game above.) The characters that I was aware of amaze me for doing a cartoon, but I guess when you're the best cartoon in the world, you got fucking pull. Click on the characters names to reveal the voice behind them. Below are my favorite cameos of King of the Hill characters.

Brad Pitt

Johnny Depp

Ben Stiller

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Day the Music Died


Ill Remember this day the way people remeber JFK's death...or Elvis.
Michael Jackson meant a lot to me. I karaoked to Man in The Mirror at my Senior Prom. I lost my virginity to Keep it in the Closest. No I didn't, but fuck that was the jam!

I just loved Michael growing up. During my hard times, a little MJ made it better. I really don't think ill do the Beat it moves ever again...they were seriously my best moves. All I have now is a 2 step and the dice roll. Worst day ever.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Miami Horror


i have become more of a hater than a supporter of dance music and the entire scene of it lately.
It just seems like everyone is deejaying in twos and songs get remixed about 15 times before I even get used to the single. It just gets over whelming for this old man.

Miami Horror is so cheesy. So cheesy, that I think it might be the greatest thing to come out of Australia since Modular blew up....and Koalas.I had heard a remix to Presets Talk Like That, and was impressed. Come to find out there actual tracks are as serious as Prince. Look into it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

James Jirat Patradoon


His Comic drawings are off the chain.

James Jirat Patradoon

Standing on The Shore


Ali blogged about Empire of the Sun a long ass time ago. Like Passion Pit, I have very mixed feelings about these bands that sound like MGMT, but are not as talented. I wanna say it's the Joy Division Effect where one bands sound gets ripped by a thousand others, and it's just not as good and sure as hell isn't original.

Needless to say, the imagery of Empire of the Sun is bad ass. I am reminded of Where the Wild Things Are, meets something Jim Henson/David Bowie based. Enjoy the video, and hit up this track Walking on a Dream remixed by Treasure Fingers. A little fruity, but a good song to listen to with your first gin & tonic of the night.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Zack Morris Returns!


I love me some Saved By The Bell.
I hammered the box sets too much in my early college days that I kind of lose attention when watching it now, but the idea and love will always be there.

Mark Paul Gossler was on Jimmy Fallon last night and pulled off the Morris. The full interview is here, on Hulu, and its worth watching. I think it was awesome that Mr. Gossler had no problem reliving the cheesiest best role that he will ever play (and I really liked his character in Dead Man On Campus.) It is almost astonishing to see how little Gossler has aged, and i personally hope that this will flourish...Saved By The Bell Movie circa 2010? The Papers Josh, where are the papers?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Trailer Park Boys


My brother turned me way on to this show called Trailer Park Boys.
Its fucking awesome. Its a Canadian show that centers around three friends that live and act nuts in a trailer park (i know, intelligent premise, but it's great.)

When I first saw it I thought that it had to be new because it appeared to have a few influences. It is filmed like a mock reality (instantly thought the office) and so much crazy shit happens that it has a Reno 911 feel to it also. Then I noticed that the girl in the trailer park is Ellen Page at like age eleven, so it was made way before those other shows.

Check it out if you like action comedies about living the Canadian dream. Selling dope, fighting over cheeseburgers and tricking the police. ah.