Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Montgomery flee market is just like a mini mall.
Something about this makes me laugh hysterically. I wanna throw a party, just to have this guy show up out of nowhere and rap around my couch.

Monday, February 23, 2009

New Phoenix


I love Phoenix.
I am very thankful that a superfriend of mine introduced me to this indie McFrenchy band, who also harped about how good their older albums were. It's Never Been Like Us was just missing something, not nearly as jiggy and fun as the past albums.

Bringing us to today, and the anticipation for the new album Wolfgang Amedeus Phoenix. The first track's been released, 1901, which certainly has the sound I was looking for. Not too catchy, giving me high hopes for the rest of it. Besides having a great sound, Phoenix has an interesting history (some of the members used to be in bands with Daft Punk and Air, the singer's married to Sophia Coppola.) If you are'nt a fan, you should at least feast your eyes on Jean Gray, comic book or real life, both are real forest fires....burnin

Friday, February 20, 2009

Darren Grealish


I stumbled upon this LA artists work, and was really impressed.
He has done a ton of awesome show posters, making me very jealous of his career move.

Twister 1996


I have been watching Big Love on HBO.
The series isn't as good as I was hoping it would be, but I still think Bill Paxton's a great actor.

I remember seeing him in Twister, I was twelve when i saw it in the theaters. I remember thinking how great the special effects were, and that it looked so much like a real tornado. It is funny to see it now, I mean... flying cows? Even though it's cheesy, tornados still scare the fuck out of me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Skyline House


I have never been to a drive-in movie before. With that said, I don't have this huge need in my life to go to one. I just think it would be really rad to have one in your back or front yard.

The architecture is insane. I had read two articles before I started searching for photos of this glorious home, so it has become a small landmark of the Hollywood Hills. I have this picture tacked to my "board of stuff" which is the only thing on there that inspires me. Take it in people, this is my future crib.



The show Delocated, that's coming soon to Adult Swim, looks hilarious. I got to see a few short clips of the show the other week, and I instantly loved it. The premise of the show is a family in a witness protection program, that decide it would be great opportunity to be on a reality show. Their desire for fame and being on camera comes first and their safety second. The whole family wears ski masks and disguise their voices, but live and are being filmed in New York.

Really stupid premise...basically allowing tons of cameos and outrageous plots for this mock reality comedy. Get real excited.

Creature From The Black Lagoon - The Musical


I love monsters. Cheesy horror movies, and the amazing theatrical covers for them, to be exact. In spring of this year, Universal Studios theme park will debut a romantic-comedy stage show with “dazzling production numbers” and special effects (including Amazon jungle odors) called “Creature From the Black Lagoon: The Musical.”

I am stoked that of all the classic Universal horrors of the 1950's, Creature From The Black Lagoon was chosen. I am also, but not nearly as excited for the new Wolfman movie staring Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro. This musical may change my life. This movie may make a good Friday night.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009



I did not pay much attention to anything being taught to me in High School. So the other day I was thinking "why do people sneeze?" - technically speaking. And with that, has anyone sneezed with their eyes open? Thank God for this thing called the internet, cause I needed answers.
A sneeze is an involuntary nervous response to nasal irritation. A sneeze impulse affects a variety of body parts, including the abdomen, chest, neck, and face. During a sneeze, the impulses that travel through your face cause your eyelids to blink. This response is entirely automatic. There's nothing you can do about it. Sneezing puts a lot of pressure on your head and respiratory system, so blinking is probably a protective mechanism.

Monday, February 16, 2009

City and Colour


I like many genres of music, and singer song writer is one of my least favorites. If anything, musicians just lack the originality and talent that was once there. Eric Clapton to Billy Joel, its hard for one person to be so outstanding without being completely branded, or put into a genre.

Something about Dallas Green (City and Colour...wink, wink) is remarkable. His voice is awesome, and he is an amazing song writer. His lyrics may lead listeners into considering him as "emo" but i feel that is an unbelievably huge understatement. His songs have a lot of heart and personal portrayal, making it his own, no matter what genre you try to place him in.

This track is off his old album, but i think it shows his talent of writing and singing of a timeless feeling. Home is where you want it to be, as long as your with the one you love. Enjoy.

Friday, February 13, 2009

BMW Skin


I love German automobiles. I saw this about a month ago and I still can not get over it. I love technology, but this is almost creepy.

I have heard that the idea will be taken further to where if you want to change the color of your car, you just get it new skin. It will also take care of fender benders, or tears, because the material has working organisms in it that will "heal" on its own. Fucking Nuts.

Adidas Billboards


My favorite form of advertising is outdoor, and with that I love billboards. If you can dream it, you can do it. I love the idea of getting your point across immediately, and with today's expectations to impress, billboards keep getting more and more clever. I'm giving props to Adidas, who have some interesting ones, though I have my own absolute favorites.

Ive Got Hurt Feelings


I am really enjoying season 2 of Flight of The Conchords. The songs have been kind of so so, but more of Maury and his back story (his father Gorden, brother Graham) is hilarious. So far this has been my favorite tune that they've done this season. It sounds alot like Hot Chip, maybe the reason why I enjoy it too much.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

John Tesh is Off the Chain


John Tesh REALLY is off the chain. I had no idea about the talent that runs through John Tesh's veins. If you have seen an NBA game on TV, then watch this. Possibly you are wondering how the man behind Entertainment Tonight got to where he is today. If nothing else, enjoy the Criss Angel Symphonic band that backs up the legend of Mr Tesh. Please believe.

Penguins in New Zealand


Penguins are common in New Zealand.

In fact, there are 3 specific breeds in New Zealand, and 5 that visit the country in certain seasons. They can be found in the southern part of the country. Australia only has one breed. Typical, only 1/3 as cool. Don't be an idiot, go look at other species by clicking on your right.

Joaquin Phoenix is a Genius


I saw Reservation Road the other day. I had thought to myself, "Wow what a great movie, the acting by this great cast is amazing." Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor. He has been in the limelight for a few years, but has such a great reputation . The ability to choose and play such different roles has given him the success and reputation of an A list actor. It didn't surprise me that he announced his retirement from cinema at age 34, and i actually respect the idea of him throwing in the towel instead of making shitty movies as he ages.

What did surprise me was the footage taken by Casey Afflack in a club in Vegas last month. I wont give the already known details, except the Mr Phoenix claims that Diddy has signed him for a record and that hes focusing on hip-hop. After being on Letterman, and saying noting, the tension is built for anything to happen.

I know a lot of people are thinking, "Is he for reals, or was he just kidding?"

I don't think either reaction is important, but more of how bad ass that is that Joaquin has taken acting into real life. I have seen and heard of publicity stunts, but this has got to be the best of the best. For one, I would predict Joaquin to dress up like a dinosaur, then to play off a live, 3 song rap set. To be as serious of an actor as he is, or was, shows that Joaquin has a sense of humor and can get down.

I am interested to see where Joaquin Phoenix will show up next, hustlen and flowin....or something. I also plan to watch We Own The Night tonight. I am thinking that Marky Mark showed him how to bust a rhyme, hence where he is today.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bums Are Scarier than Ever


I have random, strange dreams (like my teeth falling out, or being trapped in a haunted house) that feel so real that I wake up stoked to be alive. The one that freaks me out the most is someone in my apt in the middle of the night. That shit came true yesterday.

So i was sleeping last night, like most people that are not on crack. I woke up at 5:30am in my studio apt in Santa Monica, disturbed and shaken. Before my very eyes was a Mexican Homeless Man muttering words into incomplete sentenses. My heart sank. I thought "Am I fucking dreaming? Is that my landlord? I paid rent, right?"

I asked him who he was (God knows why) and if he needed help (yea, like a fist-a-cuffs in the jugular.) He murmured something else, I believe in Spanish, and i pushed him out.

I learned a few things about life and myself from this experience. About myself; That I am too nice of a person. Asking if someone is alright or needs help, who just walks into my apartment, and could have been a murderer, I think says something. I don't know.
About Life; Lock your doors. If you don't want rapists, gypsies or Mexican Homeless Men invading your home, lock your doors.

I am thinking about getting a gun, but feel that I may be using this experience as an excuse to get one. I got love for revolvers and pistols, but if you know me, you would say that i should not have a firearm.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

King of The Hill Is The Greatest Cartoon of Our Time.?Admit It!


There is no other cartoon that has the character development that King of the Hill has created in any other cartoon series.

In King of the Hill, we understand Bill's pain and frustration about being alone. We laugh at Dale's narcotic view of the world and how he continues to miss his wife's affairs with John Redcorn. We admire Hank's dedication and love for his family, country and sweet, sweet lady propane. Every episode ends positively. I can even be frank and say that the Wonder Years (im talking real actors/sitcoms now) is the only show that comes to mind that is equally heartwarming but still, not nearly as funny, as King of The Hill. That's Kevin Mother Fuckin Arnold at his middle school finest were talking here.

I think that the FOX lineup of creativity in their cartoons are similar, all except for King of The Hill. Now in syndication with Adult Swim, i do not know how any one can say that there is a better/more popular cartoon as King of the Hill. I recently spoke with a rep at Adult Swim who said they were shocked that they had picked up King of The Hill. I agreed, that King of The Hill had more appeal then their wacky stoner shows, but that I loved the show (KOTH.) Needless to say, he said that besides bringing back Family Guys' popularity two years ago, KOTH has been the greatest surprise success that they could have ever expected.

My question for the readers out there is this: I know why KOTH is an amazing, well done cartoon/sitcom. And KOTH's ratings give the shows justice for it to be crowned a 10+ year long running show, but where's the audience?

You can ask around, and finding fans of KOTH is like finding Nickelback fans. i dont know any, because i dont think they exist. The shitty part is that KOTH doesn't suck balls. If i encounter someone who is a fan of KOTH, I'm shocked, and i go on to immediately stereotype them as a good person. What gives? If i could do a case study this would totally be what i would do it on. I understand how it has a following, but wonder where and who the fans are.