Friday, April 10, 2009

Too Young


It is obvious I got a man crush on the band Phoenix. Their recent SNL performance was not that impressive (sound and the vocals were off,) but I have not lost any love. I was watching their videos and Too Young has to be the best worst video ever made.

I think Too Young is the best song that Phoenix will ever make. Fun facts about the track:
Played in the background of Shallow Hal when Jack Black is dancing with 3 girls he thinks are hot, but really aren't according to Jason Alexander.
They had a karaoke moment to the song in Lost In Translation.
The album United that came out in 2000 is still hot like Snoop Dogg..gotta drop it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Girl Talk, Shmerl Talk


I think Girl Talk's music is fun, do not get me wrong.

But after watching his live sets, I just don't get it. I do not see a reason to pay money to see a hippie play mashups on a Mac? That may sound bold, or you may think "what's wrong with that?" Watch the video. Personally, jumping around and clicking a mouse (why does he have a fucking mouse?) is corny. If John Stamos was doing that weak of a performance i probably wouldn't complain, but i don't get why he's coming off like that live. Get something Pioneer going, or bring a flute on stage, something!! if you want to save money, buy me a bottle of cheap vodka, and hang out at my apt. Same performance on a demo version of Serato, but i think i could jump around even more.