Monday, November 30, 2009

Cabo Cantina


Cabo Cantina bars are ridiculous.
It is almost like "hey, if you didn't go to college or you want a taste of the worst part of Mexico, come on in to Cabo!" With over 8 fucking locations in the Los Angeles area, it's almost like why not get shit canned and over eat on Mexican delicacies.

I went to the one on Wilshire with my favorite to watch the Vikings game yesterday. It was one of those tough calls, we were joking around about the situation prior, being in need an Apple app for. It isn't easy to find a bar (or location playing football) where dogs can be on the patio and still in game view. Our destination turned to a glimpse of "B" rated hell, better known as Cabo Cantina.

Who would of thought in one restaurant you could find females louder than the game, guys walking, talking and chewing with mouths wide open and people giving their dogs beer under the table....only at the Cantina. I sound whiny, high maintenance, or have a stick up my ass with a monicle around my eye. Not true and not my style. There were just so many shit heads that i had to document it. Also, finding amazing photos on Google proves that this particular Sunday was not just a fluke.

The sad part is I can't say that I won't be seen going back to one of the many fine establishments. Like i said they're competing with Subway for the most locations. And 2 for 1 prices on drinks is just asking for a glossy eyed - beat ass crowd. You get what you pay for.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New -H-I-M- Album


-H-I-M- has the most sentimental value to me out of any band.
My friends and I have been listening to them since early high school, which shaped and started our music sense. They gave us the idea of unbelievable imagery, a fashion sense and some good fucking tunes over the years. Now that was me trying hard to paraphrase.

I will be frank here, because I can go on and on about -H-I-M- forever. Unlike wine, -H-I-M- albums do not get better with age and time. Recent ones have been very hit and miss with tracks, and commercial America has definitely tainted the good name to an extent. Still, I lose no hope in the things I love, so I await the new album that will be out next February.

Screamworks: Love & Theory in Practice
is supposed to be their final album. I read this in a Metal Hammer interview with Ville Valo over a year ago, so lets hope that was just to get excitement stirring. This album will make Valentines Day a real treat, or a disappointing one (kind of like every year.) That is me being funny now that I am done being frank.