Thursday, December 17, 2009

Zombie Wars


Star Wars and Zombies are great
. Together, they are truly captivating..Or just really cool to some geekier gentlemen. How the two came together? Who cares!


Mascot Injured


I laugh at people in pain.
America's Funniest Home Videos never got old to me growing up. Bob Saget did, but a good kick in the goring, never.

This poor mascot. Just trying to get the crowd hyped. Something about a bob cat rolling on the ground with serious back pain is priceless. Enjoy.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hey Champ


It's Friday.
When I get off of work, I intend to mix records like its 2012. Getting ready for such an eventful night, I spent most of my day listening to the beat on the street and seeing what the kids are listening to.

I had downloaded a track or two by this band Hey Champ prior to today but did not give it a lot of attention. I'm really digging it. The video is cheese, but i do like the slow motion clarity (see Bloody Beetroots post.)

Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl (Only Children Remix)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Johnny Hoskins Sighting!


This is hilarious.
It all began with my brother telling me that he saw Paris Hilton in West Hollywood when he was picking out a Christmas tree. This fact did not excite me, but I know that it made his shopping experience that much greater.

The following day he sent me this link, so i could see him and then Paris Hilton. This, slightly aroused my intrigue so I watched it when I had some down time. Unlike my brother, or my mother (who was proud to see her son on the internet and forwarded this to Grandma, aunts, the like) did not watch it with the volume. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY WILL YOU...." What an asshole. Happy Holidays. Fucking awesome.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Cabo Cantina


Cabo Cantina bars are ridiculous.
It is almost like "hey, if you didn't go to college or you want a taste of the worst part of Mexico, come on in to Cabo!" With over 8 fucking locations in the Los Angeles area, it's almost like why not get shit canned and over eat on Mexican delicacies.

I went to the one on Wilshire with my favorite to watch the Vikings game yesterday. It was one of those tough calls, we were joking around about the situation prior, being in need an Apple app for. It isn't easy to find a bar (or location playing football) where dogs can be on the patio and still in game view. Our destination turned to a glimpse of "B" rated hell, better known as Cabo Cantina.

Who would of thought in one restaurant you could find females louder than the game, guys walking, talking and chewing with mouths wide open and people giving their dogs beer under the table....only at the Cantina. I sound whiny, high maintenance, or have a stick up my ass with a monicle around my eye. Not true and not my style. There were just so many shit heads that i had to document it. Also, finding amazing photos on Google proves that this particular Sunday was not just a fluke.

The sad part is I can't say that I won't be seen going back to one of the many fine establishments. Like i said they're competing with Subway for the most locations. And 2 for 1 prices on drinks is just asking for a glossy eyed - beat ass crowd. You get what you pay for.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New -H-I-M- Album


-H-I-M- has the most sentimental value to me out of any band.
My friends and I have been listening to them since early high school, which shaped and started our music sense. They gave us the idea of unbelievable imagery, a fashion sense and some good fucking tunes over the years. Now that was me trying hard to paraphrase.

I will be frank here, because I can go on and on about -H-I-M- forever. Unlike wine, -H-I-M- albums do not get better with age and time. Recent ones have been very hit and miss with tracks, and commercial America has definitely tainted the good name to an extent. Still, I lose no hope in the things I love, so I await the new album that will be out next February.

Screamworks: Love & Theory in Practice
is supposed to be their final album. I read this in a Metal Hammer interview with Ville Valo over a year ago, so lets hope that was just to get excitement stirring. This album will make Valentines Day a real treat, or a disappointing one (kind of like every year.) That is me being funny now that I am done being frank.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Gabe Leonard


I bought my first piece of art yesterday.
I was at the Abbot Kinney Street Fair and fell in love with a bunch of paintings by Gabe Leonard. Super talented and really only paints bad ass things. Pirates, mobsters and of course cowboys is the majority of his work, so I am an official fan. The one below "Dead Man's Hand" was the one that I bought, but I really feel that every thing he's done is worth checking out.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hulk Hogan in the 1990's


Hulk Hogan was like an idol in the 90's.
I was an avid fan of wrestling, but I loved his movies. Suburban Commando has to be up there with Encino Man as "wow, I cant believe they made movies like this...and what happened to them?" He always embellished his tough guy-ness and...I don't know. That shit is still hilarious to me.I just did a quick search to show some photos and was amazed and taken back to my child hood.

I couldn't forget Thunder in Paradise, but he did three of those fucking films. Just brilliant. This is what i like to remember instead of his black dyed beard, his divorce, his Van Diesel son and semi hot daughter that he rubs down. :/

Monday, August 24, 2009

Placebo US Tour - Cancelled


Placebo canceled their US tour beginning in September.
According to Brian collapsed during his first song at a festival in Japan. Doctors say he suffered a virus in Asia which, coupled with jet lag and exhaustion suggest he and the band take a six week break from touring to rest and recover. I smell bullshit.

I am thinking its a conspiracy for a few reasons. After this announcement, another one stated that Placebo will still do the Leeds Festival on August 28th and 29th. :/
Another reason, bands have canceled tours before because of lack of album sales. Lets be honest, this isn't the best Placebo album ever made. I love selected songs (certain tracks off Battle of The Sun are their best work) but its not selling here in the States. I would not be surprised if they take this little break to chill out, put money into some advertising here in the colonies or just schedule more dates in the UK. Either way, i am disappointed.

Oldies but Goodies


Ali sent me these two particular videos a while back.
In addition to them, he made clever remarks about how proud he was of me for being a part of the production for them. Hilarious

I like the guy on guitar in the first video bouncing back and forth, straight grooving. For the one directly above, I just don't know what happened to "puka" or tightly worn vacation necklaces, but I am very happy that they no longer exist.
Check out XLIFXZEL for more fun!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happiest Place on Earth?


I love Disneyland.
Infact, I love all non-threatening amusement parks.

But it appears that the great Disney World in Orlando Florida is having a curse going for its employees. Note to self: Do not apply to work at Disney World for at least a few weeks...

ORLANDO, Fla. (Aug. 18) -- A 30-year-old performer at Disney World is dead after rehearsing for a stunt show, the third worker to die in seven weeks at the Orlando, Fla., park.
Anislav Varbanov was pronounced dead late Monday at a hospital after injuring his head while rehearsing a tumbling roll for the "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular."
A Disney spokeswoman said the company mourned Varbanov's death. The stunt show was canceled Tuesday in his memory.
The death comes a week after a 47-year-old performer died following an on-stage fall during another show, "Captain Jack's Pirate Tutorial." And on July 5, a 21-year-old monorail driver died when another train crashed into his own.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Games For Days


This Paul Banks solo album came from left field.

I felt like posting the new video for the single Games for Days and just throw out there that I really dig Interpol. If I was not that crazy about this Julian Plenti album I wouldn't hate. But, it is actually a great album and I am really hoping to see some tour dates for it soon. Very interesting and possibly exciting....

Ready For The Weekend


New Calvin Harris album dropped today.

I like it, its really funky and different from his first album. The man created disco for fucks sake. No matter how this record compares to the first all around, I got a lot of love for Calvin Harris. I saw him at Coachella two years ago and it was one of the best, surprising sets I have ever seen.

The Rain (Real Jazzy, kudos Calvin)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monotone Management Sucks


Monotone Management sucks.
They can't even come through a seasonal show with a terrible line up (Hardfest.) The show that was at the Forum this past Saturday got shut down by 10pm. Here is the statement made on;

LOS ANGELES -- August 9th, 2009

We were required to shut down Hard Summer at The Forum last night by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. They declared the event a "hazard" after seeing concertgoers jumping from the balcony to the floor, along with numerous other potentially dangerous activities. The Inglewood Police Department backed the decision of the Fire Department and assisted in the clearance of the venue.

While we, the promoters, worked with the authorities to consider other options to continue the concert, ultimately they made the decision based on the safety of the concertgoers. We are happy to report that there were no major injuries.

So, a lineup that was already weak is now being pushed back till when? Like over fall or winter when there other lame ass events are scheduled? Monotone Management sucks. Trying to throw raves in 2009 aint working. Get an outdoor venue, idiots. And good luck making money out of this mistake you suckers.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Brandon Bird


Brandon Bird is amazing.
His art is too fucking good.

Charles Krafft


Old porcelain kitchenware is nostalgic to me.
It reminds me of a simpler time. A combination of that and sarcastic good art. Who could ask for more?

Charles Krafft

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crazy 4 Cult:3D


I love detailed art and Cult films.
There is an annual exhibit and art sale here in Los Angeles dedicated to cult movies from the past twenty some odd years. I picked a few of my favorites to display here, but there are hundreds of amazing pieces (and a few that are not so amazing.)

Crazy 4 Cult 3d is going down July 16th - August 8th (closed on Mondays)
Check out the site for location and other details

Friday, July 10, 2009

We Were Promised Jetpacks


I rarely discover bands on my own.
Im old, and by contrary belief I am not nearly as hip as many people think I may be. I came across the name We Were Promised Jetpacks and I stereotyped their young look and name as a definite pop-suck-rock band...but I was mistaken.

From Glasgow, this band really is something else. I dig the generic indie sound, which is existent in many of their tracks, but they do it very well. So well, that I have to say I like every song on the album. Sometimes the vocals/accent is so thick that it's almost too much, but that's what is kind of different. With that,I have to see them at the Knitting Factory in September or butts will get cut. For real though, James left his knife over after the 4th.

Quiet Little Voices -hott track

Conductor - slow jam, for the ladies

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Colorful Cast of KOTH


My first post was about my honest and heartfelt emotions for King of the Hill. Today I was looking for a quote by Lucky when he says "The last song better be Chicago's great 25 or 6 to 4 b." Just amazing.
Mike Judge
Kathy Najimy
Pamela S. Adlon

Brittany Murphy

Tom Petty

To find this, I stumbled across the voices behind the characters of KOTH and was surprised by one voice in particular (I won't say so you play the game above.) The characters that I was aware of amaze me for doing a cartoon, but I guess when you're the best cartoon in the world, you got fucking pull. Click on the characters names to reveal the voice behind them. Below are my favorite cameos of King of the Hill characters.

Brad Pitt

Johnny Depp

Ben Stiller

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Day the Music Died


Ill Remember this day the way people remeber JFK's death...or Elvis.
Michael Jackson meant a lot to me. I karaoked to Man in The Mirror at my Senior Prom. I lost my virginity to Keep it in the Closest. No I didn't, but fuck that was the jam!

I just loved Michael growing up. During my hard times, a little MJ made it better. I really don't think ill do the Beat it moves ever again...they were seriously my best moves. All I have now is a 2 step and the dice roll. Worst day ever.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Miami Horror


i have become more of a hater than a supporter of dance music and the entire scene of it lately.
It just seems like everyone is deejaying in twos and songs get remixed about 15 times before I even get used to the single. It just gets over whelming for this old man.

Miami Horror is so cheesy. So cheesy, that I think it might be the greatest thing to come out of Australia since Modular blew up....and Koalas.I had heard a remix to Presets Talk Like That, and was impressed. Come to find out there actual tracks are as serious as Prince. Look into it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

James Jirat Patradoon


His Comic drawings are off the chain.

James Jirat Patradoon

Standing on The Shore


Ali blogged about Empire of the Sun a long ass time ago. Like Passion Pit, I have very mixed feelings about these bands that sound like MGMT, but are not as talented. I wanna say it's the Joy Division Effect where one bands sound gets ripped by a thousand others, and it's just not as good and sure as hell isn't original.

Needless to say, the imagery of Empire of the Sun is bad ass. I am reminded of Where the Wild Things Are, meets something Jim Henson/David Bowie based. Enjoy the video, and hit up this track Walking on a Dream remixed by Treasure Fingers. A little fruity, but a good song to listen to with your first gin & tonic of the night.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Zack Morris Returns!


I love me some Saved By The Bell.
I hammered the box sets too much in my early college days that I kind of lose attention when watching it now, but the idea and love will always be there.

Mark Paul Gossler was on Jimmy Fallon last night and pulled off the Morris. The full interview is here, on Hulu, and its worth watching. I think it was awesome that Mr. Gossler had no problem reliving the cheesiest best role that he will ever play (and I really liked his character in Dead Man On Campus.) It is almost astonishing to see how little Gossler has aged, and i personally hope that this will flourish...Saved By The Bell Movie circa 2010? The Papers Josh, where are the papers?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Trailer Park Boys


My brother turned me way on to this show called Trailer Park Boys.
Its fucking awesome. Its a Canadian show that centers around three friends that live and act nuts in a trailer park (i know, intelligent premise, but it's great.)

When I first saw it I thought that it had to be new because it appeared to have a few influences. It is filmed like a mock reality (instantly thought the office) and so much crazy shit happens that it has a Reno 911 feel to it also. Then I noticed that the girl in the trailer park is Ellen Page at like age eleven, so it was made way before those other shows.

Check it out if you like action comedies about living the Canadian dream. Selling dope, fighting over cheeseburgers and tricking the police. ah.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Secret Handshakes


I am not a big fan of tattoos, but I love toys and collectibles.
Besides just admitting there that I am more of a geek than I am some tough inked out guy, I was browsing for what new vinal is in (not records, but that came later.) I came across these gems and feel they are true works of art.

The bust and drawings were made by two artists, Brian Morris and Mitch O'Connell. Their work reminds me of tats on a really fucking cool biker, and to me, have a ton of edge (One of Mitch's side projects is designing tattoos.)

Click below and check out the gallery. buy a $500 drawing, or settle for a sticker. Live it up girl.